Did you know that our name Peerâ means family and is Inari Sámi?

By choosing the name, we highlight the roots of the owning family and contribute to the diversity and continuity of Sámi culture and languages through concrete actions. To promote this cause, we donate €0.10 per night of accommodation to the only indigenous people in Northern Europe, supporting Sámi culture and languages. By giving back, we want to connect and grow the richness of the region.

Each year we select an actor representing a Sámi culture or language to receive our grant. In 2024, the target will be the Inarijärvi language association Anarâškielâ Servi ry.

Depending on the destination of our grant, the accommodation facilities will have materials related to the current grant destination on display/available.

What is the Inarin Sámi Language Association and why is it important to support it?

The Inari Sámi Language Association documents and develops the use of the Inari Sámi language by publishing books and newspapers and by participating in collaborative research with universities such as the University of Oulu and the Norwegian Arctic University. In recent years, the association has carried out various projects that have produced literature in its own language and translated literature for young people from different languages.

Inari Sámi is the only Sámi language spoken only in Finland. A language of one’s own is one of the most important characteristics of any culture. The Inari Sámi language became almost extinct a few decades ago, but the active revival of the language has given birth to a new generation of new speakers. The loss of a living language would be irreparable damage to the cultural heritage of the Sámi people and indeed of Finland as a whole. The Inarin Sámi Language Association is the only organisation that maintains Inari Sámi as an active and living – and not just a museum – language. As the language community is small, we have to do this important work with very limited resources. Even a small sponsorship can make a big difference to the preservation of this unique culture.

Benefits and use of the grant

The grant will be used to publish books in Inari Sámi. A new generation of language speakers needs a reading list to practice active language use. The availability of literature in Inarinese that is of interest to young people and that deals with modern life is very limited. Literature plays an important role in expanding the vocabulary of young people and keeping the language rich and alive.

Photo: anaraskieraservi.fi

What will the association do in 2024?

Anarâškielâ servi aims to contribute to supporting the language use of the language communities that have been transferred to the municipality of Inari.

The Anarâš magazine will be published twice in 2023, and the third issue will be the Anarâš calendar. The magazine will be edited by Fabrizio Brecciaroli, with Susanna Kaartinen as editor. The Loostâš magazine will not be published in 2024 and will be replaced by the digital Anarâš gavis, updated 3-6 times a week. Anarâš aavis will be edited by Fabrizio Brecciaroli (editor-in-chief) and Marja-Liisa Olthuis (associate editor).

Funding for Anarâš is sought from the cultural budget of the Sámi Parliament and from Taike. The Ministry of Education and Culture has granted the Anarâš aavis magazine € 60 000 in funding. The decision came on 26.10.2023.

The Association focuses on translating and publishing primarily literature for young people, as young people have not been sufficiently taken into account in language learning activities so far. The Association publishes the following books:

Párnái mainâseh (uánihâš mainâseh). The aim is to publish stories suitable for children under school age.

Literature in translation: young people’s literature
Ann-Helén Laestadius: Hey, mučis nieidâ! (Hey, cute)
Saia Stueng: Hamburgerprinsessa
Torkel Rasmussen: Áigin Lávra
Thorgal – Revenge of the Snow Maiden by Jean Van Hamme (story) and Grzegorz Rosiński (art)
Kyehtnubáloh short stories (Tusina short stories)
Stephen King: Laurie (short story)
Jeff Kinney: Diary of a Neropat 5
André Kuipers: Missio máhđuttem

The association is also working on the following books, if funding becomes available.
Viivi Pusu ja toffee heart by Tittamari Marttinen

In summer 2024, Anarâškielâ servi will hire two young people as assistant editors of Anarâš aavis.

Fabrizio Brecciaroli will join the research team in 2024.
Wikipedia seminar on the occasion of the Skammâkoveh festival.
“The Sewing Society”: the instructions for the 2024 calendar need to be translated into Inarin.

ANARŠ EHIDEH ‘Evenings in Inari Sámii’
In 2024, Anarâškielâ servi will organise Inarinese discussion evenings in cooperation with the Sámi Regional Education Centre. The evenings will take place about once or twice a month. The evenings may have a theme or may also include free discussion and coffee.

In spring 2024, the association will award scholarships and book prizes to successful students of Inarin Sami in schools and colleges.

The association has an information officer. Membership matters are handled by the Membership Officer Fabrizio Brecciaroli.

The Board of Directors meets when necessary.